With 70 years legacy in the chemical industry, we are your reliable specialty chemicals partner for personal care ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, and more. Delivering cost-effective solutions using ethical practices and Indian jugaad!

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We have optimized our manufacturing processes, developed low-cost alternatives to imported technology, and turned every waste product into a saleable commodity

Novaphene is a privately held specialty chemicals manufacturing company with over 70 years legacy in the chemical industry. Our key areas of focus are personal care ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Our operations are carried out through two key entities: Novaphene Specialities Pvt Ltd and Novaphene Ingredients Pvt Ltd. The former specializes in the production of specialty chemicals and ingredients, while the latter is dedicated to manufacturing APIs and products tailored to regulatory markets. Our headquarters is located in Mumbai, India, and encompasses four manufacturing units, with three situated in Tarapur, Maharashtra, and one in Dahej, Gujarat. We take pride in our ingenuity and resourcefulness, which have enabled the custom engineering of several cutting-edge technologies.

Our areas of expertise include preservatives and multifunctional antimicrobial ingredients for personal care, serving as a major supplier of key intermediates for hormone and steroid APIs. We also excel in the production of odorless Ethylhexylglycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, and Caprylyl Glycol, all possessing antimicrobial properties and emollient qualities. Additionally, we have developed a range of intermediates specifically designed for certain APIs, while also offering customizable synthesis and contract manufacturing services. Our mastery in distillation technology, honed over the years, includes high-vacuum high-temperature distillations, solid distillations, fractional distillation, thin film distillations, high-temperature high-vacuum glass reactor distillation, and more.

We have over the years custom engineered a lot technologies to suit to our requirements and in the process developed robust, workable and low cost alternatives to expensive imported technology “Jugaad drives us”


Manufacturing Units

Equipped for Excellence - Novaphene operates four cutting-edge manufacturing units, strategically located to deliver quality solutions


Years of Industry Experience

A Legacy of Innovation - With over seven decades in the chemical industry, Novaphene is a pioneer in specialty chemicals.


Specialty Chemicals

Our manufacturing portfolio of specialty chemicals find applications in personal care, pharmaceuticals, polymers, agrochem, paints and many others.


Incorporation of B.M.
Shah & Co.

Founded by Mr. Manilal Shah as a trading entity for Caustic and Alkali products in Bombay.

Acquisitions and

Mr. Ambalal Shah joins the business and acquires additional warehouses and office spaces around Masjid Bunder in South Bombay. Masjid Bunder is the hub for chemical trading for all of India.

Flavors & Fragrances

International Chemical Manufacturers is formed in Dahisar, Bombay for manufacturing Flavors & Fragrances Chemicals by Mr. Dinesh Shah

Expansion to Tarapur

The group moves to a larger facility in Tarapur, Maharashtra. Setup of new reactors for manufacturing of specialty chemicals and solvent distillations for MNC’s.

Dazzle Dyes Acquisition

Acquisition of Dazzle Dyes Pvt. Ltd. in Tarapur. for further expansion of specialty chemicals manufacturing.


Venture into manufacturing fatty acid anhydrides and pharmaceutical intermediates along with Flavour and Fragrence chemicals.

Novaphene's Inception

Novaphene is formed for consolidating the group companies into a new flagship entity.

Merger of Dazzle Dyes

Dazzle Dyes Pvt. Ltd. merges with Novaphene Specialities Pvt. Ltd and led by Mr. Saral Shah, this new entity begins production of pharmaceutical intermediates at Tarapur.

Personal Care vertical established

Commisioning of
Unit 2

Novaphene sets up Unit 2 for expanding the manufacturing of anti-microbial and multifunctional ingredients for personal care.

Product Reach

Key products like Novaguard EHG, Novaguard HG, Novaguard CG, Novaguard PG and Novasolve DMI achieve Reach registration.

Strategic Expansion
to Dahej

Land acquisition for bulk manufacturing Unit 3 in Dahej, Gujarat.

New identity

New Identity and the vision for 2030

Further Growth with
API/Regulatory Unit

Land acquisition for Unit 4 focusing on API/regulatory products in Tarapur, Maharashtra.
















Innovative and Sustainable Preservation Systems

Our vision is to develop new and sustainable proprietary preservation systems for personal care applications.

Specialty molecules for pharmaceutical intermediates

Our vision is to expand our specialty acid chlorides portfolio by a new product every year.

WHO-GMP Facility

We are looking forward to commissioning of our state-of-the-art WHO-GMP facility for antimicrobial APIs and other regulatory products.

Revenue Of USD 100 Million

Our goal is to achieve sales revenue of USD 100 million by FY 2027.


We remain dedicated to our original principles of offering exceptional products and customer service, an approach that is still at the forefront of everything we do. This is reflected in our commitment to providing great products and responsive, personalised customer support

INTEGRITY: Personal & Professional


Following ethical business practices


Honouring Our Commitments To All Stakeholders


Being Open And Sincere In All Our Dealings


Being Accountable And Taking Ownership

Innovation: Drives our actions


Constantly searching for "the new" in all spheres (be it products, processes, markets or geographies)


Encouraging and implementing original ideas and "out-of-the-box" thinking


Being agile and responsive to change


Leveraging knowledge and technology to drive innovation

INDIVIDUAL: Commitment to valuing people


Respect for individuals and recognising their contribution


Being fair and offering equal opportunity


Encouraging openness and freedom of expression


Ensuring prompt response to issues and concerns


Empowering and stimulating employees to realise their potential


The Evolution of Our Logo

Inspired by waves, both, our old and new logo depict motion in forward direction with three layers symbolizing our values and energy.

Our Name

‘Novaphene’ originates from the Latin words "Nuevo" meaning "new" and "PHENE" meaning a new trait or characteristic defined by genes or DNA, which we optimistically embody in our organization's values and actions.

Transforming Our Image

A helical design of our logo with the DNA represents our core values of Integrity, Innovation, and Individuality - the driving forces behind our success and progress.

Our Colours

Our logo, coloured yellow and blue depicts sunshine, intellect, energy alongside sincerity, inspiration, imagination, and depth; with the three-layered monogram.


Late Mr. Dinesh Ambalal Shah (Ex-Chairman)

The Founder

Mr. Dinesh Shah was the visionary behind our company.

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Saral Dinesh Shah

Managing Director

Armed with a BE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mumbai and an MS in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Central Florida, USA, Saral brings a wealth of expertise in organic synthesis, novel product development, and plant design. Prior to assuming the reins at Novaphene, he honed his skills as a product development chemist in Houston, USA. Presently, he spearheads the company's visionary path, propelling it towards an unswerving trajectory of accomplishment.

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Meet the Team

Jinal Shah


Pratik Shah

Accounts Manager

Jyoti Dave

Quality Assurance Executive

Pooja Lakhyani

Business Development Executive

Phalguni Bhogal

Business Development Executive

Nikeeta Thasal

Business Development Executive

Jagruti Shinde

Purchase Executive

Anusha Varma

Sr. HR Executive

Priten Shah

General Manager - Commercial

CSR Activities

Under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we are actively involved in supporting and empowering two NGOs through funding and providing essential resources

Omkar Andh - Apang Samajik Sanstha

We collaborate with this trust to provide essential items to 2,522 members who belong to various marginalized groups, including the blind, handicapped, deaf, widows, divorcees, mentally challenged individuals, orphans, cancer patients, dialysis and kidney patients, heart disease patients, HIV patients, and transgender individuals. Our support aims to alleviate their hardships and improve their quality of life.

Partner of Holy Gospel Ministries Trust

This rural development trust focuses on a range of activities and awareness programs aimed at improving the lives of the underprivileged. Their initiatives include medical camps, healthcare centers, old age homes, shelters for the homeless, pre-primary education for economically disadvantaged children, and child development programs. By partnering with this trust, we contribute to their noble efforts in creating a positive impact in rural communities.

With this rural development trust

we strive to improve the lives of the underprivileged by joining hands on initiatives like medical camps, healthcare centers, old age homes, shelters for the homeless, pre-primary education for economically disadvantaged children, and child development programs.